Most of you will have already worked out that ACSF 2021 was unlikely to happen.  With the continuing threat from COVID-19 last autumn, preparation never really got started and now there is, of course, no chance of running an event this spring.  The team will be ‘meeting’ online soon to discuss options for the future.  We’re all looking forward to when we can get together in person with our fellow singers and enjoy the thrill of live harmony.  In the meantime, we hope you’re keeping your voices in trim by singing along with demo tracks and maybe recording for a virtual choir.  And don’t forget to keep the oh so important social side of choral singing going with online chats and video calls.  Keep safe and we’ll keep this page updated with more news when we have it!

If you’d like to see what was on offer earlier this year during the 2019 event, visit our archive page.  Pictures from previous years’ events can be found on our gallery page.

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